NetBlaze built Review Requests to help you increase your average rating on your review sites. A review request is basically an email or a text message sent to your customers, that requests them to leave your business a review. 

Read this guide to learn how to send review requests to your customers

As of now, Review Requests are fully automated. When you add your customer to NetBlaze and you enabled Review Request, NetBlaze decides where to route your customers, how often to send the reminders, and when to stop sending the reminders. In the future, you will be able to manually configure your review requests. 

Here are a couple of things to help you understand how NetBlaze's Review Request work:

Which review site will my customers be leaving a review?
Using our Smart Routing algorithm, NetBlaze routes your customers to the site with the lowest average rating. The purpose for this is to help improve your rating on this site. If all your sites have the same average rating, then we take a look at your total number of reviews. 

What if the customer was not happy with my service?
We created separate flows for happy customers and unhappy customers. Take a look at this screenshot below:

The screenshot above is where your customers will be redirected to when they click on the link in your email or text message. Expectedly, a happy customer will click on the Thumbs up icon and they will be redirected to your review sites. Unhappy customers will click on the Thumbs down icon and they will be redirected to private form where they can leave a message to you. See screenshot below.

When your customer click on Send Feedback, you will receive an email with the message. Again, this will not be published on any of your sites. 

Frequency of Review Request Reminders
NetBlaze automatically sends a reminder to your customers every week for the next 4 weeks to help increase your chances of acquiring new reviews. Your customers will be receiving a total of 4 review requests during the whole campaign. 

As of now, you cannot specify the frequency of reminders but this is a feature that we are planning to offer soon. 

When does the Review Request reminders stop? 

  1. When your customer has already provided a positive or negative feedback. 
  2. When the 4-week campaign has ended the reminders will stop as well. At this point, a total of 4 review requests were sent, including the first email/sms. 

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