Keyword Suggestions
This tool will guide you in choosing the right keyword to rank for. It will show you the keywords that are being searched by your customers and the search volume they get every month. 

If you want to take advantage of this tool to come up with highly relevant keywords, head over to Settings > Keywords. 

Weekly Summary Report
This report gives you a way to view a summary of all data and activities that NetBlaze is tracking for you. Here you can see all your online citations, review sites activity, and more. Check out the screenshot below to see what are the available data on the Reports page. 

Competitor Ranking
This feature allows you to see which of your competitors are ranking for the same keywords you are trying to rank for. In order for this data to show, you need to add your website and keywords from the Settings tab.

To view your competitor ranking, go to Settings > Analysis > Local Ranking. 

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