NetBlaze comes with a feature that allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers whatever you want to broadcast -- may it be a sale, promo, anniversary party, etc. You can also send the announcement via email or text message. This guide will show you how to send a text message. 

To create a promo or send an announcement, first you need to have all you customer contacts added to your NetBlaze account. Read this article to learn how to add your customers to your NetBlaze account. Once you have added all your customers, you can follow these steps on how to create a promo or send an announcement:

  1. Click on the Communicate menu on the left sidebar. 

2. You will see the communicate screen. Make sure that the Text tab is the one you're viewing. Click Create Promo button to start creating a Promo.

3. You will see the Details modal. Enter the promo name. This is required. Click Next. 

4. You will be redirected to the Message screen where you can enter your message. Since this is a text message, we recommend that you create a concise message that's under 160 characters. Anything above that, the message will be broken down into several messages. On the right side, you can see the character counter to guide you how many characters you have entered. Click Next. 

5. This will take you to the Schedule screen. If you want to send the message right away, select Immediately. If you want to send the message at a later time, you can select Send Later. When you select Send Later, you will see two new fields for selecting the date and time. Just select the date and time for when you want to send the message. Once done, click Next. 

6. This will take you to the Review screen. Spend time to review your message and the schedule you specified. If you want to change something, just click on the Edit button located on the right portion of that section. 

7. When you're ready, click Schedule. You will be redirected to the main screen and you should see the new promo you created. 

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